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3D printing custom brackets

Paralogic are developing educational material for schools and colleges to support users of 3D printers. To help illustrate the process, we wanted to create a time lapse or two of some objects being created. Having found a great smart phone app to do this, we needed a way to hold the phone still for the many hours it takes to 3D print, whilst still allowing us to access the screen menus. So, we designed a custom cradle to mount the phone onto a camera tripod. We 3D printed the cradle and it worked a treat!

This is just one of the ways in which 3D printing is playing a role in our organisation and we are confident that ideas for new designs will just keep on coming – ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’ as they say!

Hmmm – now if I could prop up my phone on my desk at just the right angle I could watch TV as I work……..