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Preventative Maintenance

The selection of an experienced and reputable Service Partner is a primary objective of any Client IT Manager. Paralogic also places high value on the definition and execution of a preventive maintenance plan to enhance the operating performance of printers, storage and scanning devices coupled with the obvious benefits to the user in that correct application of PM events will extend the longevity of the device.

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We always recommend customers with production scanners, or those scanning significant quantities of carbonless papers, to have a service plan that includes preventative maintenance.

Heavier users, or users scanning high ratios of non-standard paper types (e.g. carbonless, dyed, very rough grade, dusty or other chemically treated papers), may find they require maintenance more frequently as these papers can leave large amounts of chemical residues and dust. Such residues and dust can downgrade the performance of the product over time if not removed and can lead to reduced image quality, stoppages and increased downtime.

The frequency of preventative maintenance is governed by how many documents are scanned within a given period of time. Paralogic has extensive experience as the leading independent specialist in document scanning technology and can provide advice based on experience as to typical frequency of events and will even provide the client’s users with training so they may competently perform elements of the preventive maintenance solution themselves with a client cleaning kit where value is equated.

  • Reduces process downtime
  • Essential part of efficiency improvements
  • Cost effective productivity tool
  • Extend product life

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