Paralogic Services

Parts and Consumables Supply

Paralogic actively supply Component level Parts and Consumables to support our client’s PLM requirements across the range of supported technology.

Delivering IT Support Services since 2002

We can offer OEM, Independent and refurbished units to provide the right commercial solution to our client based on the individual requirement.

As a warranty provider for a number of Technology OEM’s we are a trusted partner to best ensure both Warranty and Out of Warranty devices are serviced correctly using the right components to best support Lifecycle Management objectives and Operating Efficiencies.

Our Document Scanning & Imaging Division specifically holds parts and components for EOL devices enabling continuation of service and operational lifespan of high Capex devices when out of Warranty support.

We also offer a free UK Mainland Next Business Days Delivery on any orders over £200.

(Subject to weight restrictions)

Contact our Sales Team on for further details surrounding Parts & Consumables Supply Solutions.


Paralogic offer Modular Support, Repair and Installation service across a wide array of Technology and Devices.