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Partner Recycling Services

Paralogic’s Partner Recycling Services provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the IT industry to deliver four core services to our clients.  They are designed to optimise the lifespan and overall value of assets in the clients IT estate, encompassing individual client requirements, compliancy obligations, data security and CSR objectives.

Delivering IT Support Services since 2002

  • Refurbishment – Paralogic can minimise client’s expenditure on buying new IT equipment by refurbishing your old equipment at our Refurbishment Centre
  • Remarketing – Paralogic’s objective is to help clients reach a cost neutral or cost positive position, through our multiple remarketing channels
  • Recycling – Paralogic’s secure WEEE processing is built to ensure our clients CSR and data security objectives are always at the forefront of the operation
  • On-Site Services – Paralogic offers a complete on-site service portfolio, which includes secure data erasure, degaussing and the DIPCOG and CPNI approved destruction service.

Upon receipt back at Paralogic’s UK Partner Operations Centre, all assets are subjected to a system driven process, controlled by a predetermined client specific brief which dictates the required outcome of each individual asset.

To provide customers with complete control of their assets even when they have been received into Recycling Services, we provide the customer with extensive MI which enables monitoring of the progress of all their assets which are currently in the Recycling Services facility. The MI also provides details to data sanitisation / destruction certificates and historical processing activities, as required.

Category Information

Recycling Services process all asset managed equipment under 6 main master categories as follows:

  • Desktops / Laptops / Servers / Printers / Monitors / Misc

Hazardous Items

Paralogic has determined the following IT equipment as containing hazardous waste materials.  If any of the items in the following list are defined as waste prior to a collection taking place then applicable Optional POA Service which can be added to standard and secure collections as required

  • Laptops / Flat Panel Monitors / CRT Monitors / UPS Battery (Lead Acid) / Mixed Batteries Containing NiCad / Projectors / Mixed WEEE (Due to unknown / unidentified contents)

Paralogic will manage hazardous waste collections for the customer, including the provisional of all additional paperwork and support to ensure customers remain compliant.  Paralogic will apply a nominal charge for the management of pre-identified collections containing the above hazardous IT equipment.

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