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Our young engineers and designers need to know how to think, design and create in 3D and to continue to be at the forefront of design and technology and the application of 3D printers is an essential part of their learning.

Paralogic support a number of leading OEM’s and Solution Houses providing Installation, Device Support and Learning Structure to promote this new technology

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Providing 3D Printer Support Packages for Education

Is your school/college/academy ready to join the 3D printing revolution?

Additive manufacturing or ‘3D printing’ as it is more popularly known is not a new idea but the availability of simple to use, affordable 3D printers is set to change the way design and manufacturing industry works.

To stay ahead of the curve our young engineers and designers need to know how to think, design and create in 3D.

Schools and colleges are being encouraged to provide 3D design and printing facilities for their students and there are many new and exciting software packages and 3D printers on the market that will enable them to learn the skills and techniques necessary and produce amazing real life objects of their own in class.

However, learning and incorporating these new technologies into the curriculum is no easy task which is why we at Paralogic have launched the Paralogic 3D.

Designed to help schools and colleges select the right equipment and software for their students and to provide proven, easy to use teaching materials produced for tutors by tutors and rental options to spread the cost of the investment we aim to make the addition of this amazing new technology as easy as possible for our customers such as by offering;

  • Educational classroom material designed for your students with teacher presentation material, tested class exercises and proven 3D models to print and adapt.
  • On-site hardware support options
  • Software technical support and online model diagnostics
  • Consumable supplies
  • Rental options

Our in house technical support offers backup for teachers using a variety of 3D modelling applications such as Autodesk products, Google Sketchup or Solidworks.

A choice of hardware is available ranging from the small desktop units such as the Makerbot Mini to larger units including the CUBE TRIO for multicoloured prints, the fantastic new Makerbot Replicator range including the massive build volume Z18 and the widely acclaimed Ultimaker 2 printers.

And of course, being a national on-site support company we offer various warranty options to suit all requirements

If you want to put your school/college/academy at the leading edge of the curve then contact us

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