Paralogic Services

Hardware Lease Services

Paralogic can facilitate the purchase of equipment via leasing across a full range of devices. Our packages offer clients flexibility and financial planning opposed to outright capex investment up front.

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A further benefit in sourcing our product via lease is that the solutions can include an array of added services.

What are the key benefits of equipment leasing?

  • Protection of working capital via scheduled and predicted payments
  • Flexibility to enhance and upgrade technology
  • Bolt on services to provide a true ‘packaged solution’
  • Leasing presents a 100% tax benefit from pre-tax profits
  • No upfront deposits or capex expenditure
  • End of lease flexibility of return, buy outright or upgrade to new product


Examples of lease packages and solution options from Paralogic:

printerScanning Technology Lease Packages

  • Canon DR-G1130 document scanner
  • Delivery
  • Configuration
  • User training
  • Consumables
  • Preventative maintenance events
  • Service contract for the life of the Lease

£62.85 per week lease cost


3D Printing Lease Packages

  • Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen Desktop 3D Printer3d-printer
  • Delivery
  • Configuration
  • User training
  • Filament/consumables supply
  • Service contract for the life of the Lease
  • Teacher packs (education specific)

£31.35 per week lease cost


Paralogic offer Modular Support, Repair and Installation service across a wide array of Technology and Devices.