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Paralogic 3D – March News

Paralogic 3D March news!

Paralogic are currently in discussion with a number of 3D printer manufacturers and developing relationships with them in order provide support services across a wide range of desktop 3D printers, so, we thought it was about time we had our very own mascot; meet the Parabott!

Meanwhile in other news…..

NASA have returned the first batch of 3D objects printed in orbit aboard the IST and will be testing the results closely before moving ahead with the project which they hope will eventually lead to astronauts being able to build spares and tools as required on orbit or beyond.

Makerbot have announced that later this year they hope to be releasing new variations on PLA filament meaning we will be able to print more creatively, and we have been testing some different filament too using our other 3D printers. Metal fill is particularly impressive as is the extra-tough form of PLA and the new range of photochromic materials that change colour in sunlight are also promising to bring even more fun into 3D printing creations!

Some of our experiments include wood-fill, flexible fibre, metal fill and multicolours