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News Archive for June, 2014

3D printing is slow….?

Well, experience shows that it can be a bit of a wait if you are printing anything sizeable however there is nothing to prevent what gets printed from going somewhat faster; for example this week the team currently building the latest rocket powered 1000mph land speed record attempting vehicle, named ‘Bloodhound’, have announced that the…

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3D printing in the news again!

There has been no shortage of 3D print news this week with stories such as the Ford Motor Company, who adopted 3D printing in 2013, for rapid prototyping and are now reckoned to be printing around 20,000 parts a year in just one of its 3D prototyping centres (Lucas Mearian, June 2014, Computerworld report). According…

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3D printing custom brackets

Paralogic are developing educational material for schools and colleges to support users of 3D printers. To help illustrate the process, we wanted to create a time lapse or two of some objects being created. Having found a great smart phone app to do this, we needed a way to hold the phone still for the…

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