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News Archive for May, 2014

3D printing has arrived at Paralogic!

3D printing has arrived at Paralogic, in the form of a new Plastic Jet Printing technology 3D printer. One of the first tasks we have for this unit is a feasibility study. This includes looking into the possibility of reverse engineering of hard-to-find spare parts. This is so that we can better support our customers…

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Creating make up, using 3D Printing!

Well we’ve been saying that the possibilities of 3D printing has been endless and so far we haven’t been disappointed. Grace Choi, CEO of a company called Mink, has created a 3D printer that allows users to create their own make up. Although the printer is currently an early development, with the final printer said…

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3D printed houses; A waste free, eco-friendly way to construct our future

Architects in Amsterdam have started building one of the world’s first life sized 3D-printed houses. The structure is being built using a plastic that is heavily based on plant oil. The team behind this project claim that it is a waste-free, eco-friendly way to design and construct the cities of the future. See video footage…

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