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3D printing in the news again!

There has been no shortage of 3D print news this week with stories such as the Ford Motor Company, who adopted 3D printing in 2013, for rapid prototyping and are now reckoned to be printing around 20,000 parts a year in just one of its 3D prototyping centres (Lucas Mearian, June 2014, Computerworld report). According…

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3D printing custom brackets

Paralogic are developing educational material for schools and colleges to support users of 3D printers. To help illustrate the process, we wanted to create a time lapse or two of some objects being created. Having found a great smart phone app to do this, we needed a way to hold the phone still for the…

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3D printing has arrived at Paralogic!

3D printing has arrived at Paralogic, in the form of a new Plastic Jet Printing technology 3D printer. One of the first tasks we have for this unit is a feasibility study. This includes looking into the possibility of reverse engineering of hard-to-find spare parts. This is so that we can better support our customers…

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Creating make up, using 3D Printing!

Well we’ve been saying that the possibilities of 3D printing has been endless and so far we haven’t been disappointed. Grace Choi, CEO of a company called Mink, has created a 3D printer that allows users to create their own make up. Although the printer is currently an early development, with the final printer said…

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3D printed houses; A waste free, eco-friendly way to construct our future

Architects in Amsterdam have started building one of the world’s first life sized 3D-printed houses. The structure is being built using a plastic that is heavily based on plant oil. The team behind this project claim that it is a waste-free, eco-friendly way to design and construct the cities of the future. See video footage…

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3D milled ice sculptures

3D printing is moving into creating works of art out of different materials, including ice! These amazing ice cube sculptures were made by a creative Japanese company using a CNC milling machine which, as pointed out, isn’t exactly the same as a 3D printer but relies on similar technology. We think that the 3D printer…

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Would you get a tattoo done by a 3D printer?

We’ve talked a lot recently about how 3D printing can help to make everyday lives easier, but what  if 3D printing was also integrated into our personal lives too? I think you’ll agree with us that the possibilities are limitless! It has been reported that 3D printing machines could also be used as tattoo tools…

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Electronically conductive ink

Who ever thought print could ever be anything more than printed images and words. Whilst the name is a little scientific, the concept could possibly be the most interesting concept in advertising this year! Electronically conductive ink, allows printed materials to be transformed into interactive platforms. The concept sounds somewhat funny; however, we give you…

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The Gadget Show’s 3D Printing Trend

Of course it goes without saying that The Gadget Show, aired on Channel 5 currently, has taken a keen interest in 3D printing. But we don’t mean just as a topic of interest. The show has been using 3D printing as a process to help undertake other projects! A month ago at their Gadget Show…

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Windows 8.1 Update 1: Pending success or failure?

Microsoft have announced another Windows 8 update to be released at the beginning of April this year, despite their first Windows 8 update only being launched 5 months ago. The new update attempts to get critics on board with their new operating system. When the new concept Windows 8 launched in 2012, it received heavy…

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