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News Archive for 2013

Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Paralogic!

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Scanner Art

Scanning and photocopying doesn’t have to be all for serious office use. If you happen to have a copier/ scanner at home and enjoy creating unique artwork or quirky pictures for your personal use then check out the latest in ‘Scanner Art’. How can I create Scanner Art? Firstly, find an item such as a…

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What is Seene?

At Paralogic we have been looking into the new 3D imaging app for iPhones, ‘Seene’ and we want to share our insider info; What is Seene? Seene lets you capture and share a new kind of 3D photo that brings together image, depth and movement to create a richer, more interactive experience, all on your…

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Paralogic Christmas Quiz; The Answers!

So, here are the answers to yesterday’s quiz, let us know how you got on! 1.       Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Jude Law and Cameron Diaz 2.       An art gallery 3.       Brice Willis 4.       A mattress salesman 5.       Macy’s 6.       James Stewart 7.       A mouse 8.       Tom Hanks 9.       Without You by Mariah Carey 10.    A…

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Paralogic Christmas Quiz

As most Christmas films feature work Christmas parties or work related themes we thought we would put together a quiz for our Virtual Christmas Party. We will post the answers tomorrow, good luck! 1.       Who plays the four main characters in ‘The Holiday’? 2.       Where is the work party in ‘Love Actually’ held? 3.       Who…

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Let’s get the party started!

What is the most outrageous Xmas office party you have been to? Any random fancy dress themes? Office games? Office decorations? Post your pictures here

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Join the Paralogic virtual Christmas party

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Although the lead up to Christmas is typically the busiest time of year, it is still important to make time for catching up with friends and family and of course the office Christmas party. The work Christmas party is a great opportunity for the team to…

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Twitter is now listed on the stock market

Technology companies shares have made headlines recently following Twitter now being listed on the stock market.  Initially shares were issued at $26 each but the prices have fluctuated greatly over it’s first week with the end figure settling at $43. Technology shares are attractive to investors because they are currently cheap and have potential for…

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How do you feel about being scanned while you shop?

Tesco has announced that they will be installing hi-tech screens in all of its petrol stations. The screens will be able to target adverts to customers using OptimEyes scanners. The scanners have been developed by Amscreen and will be able to identify time of day and date as well as a customer’s gender and age…

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Putting printers first!

According to research by income protection specialist Unum, IT firms are more likely to insure assets such as mobiles and printers than they are their people. Despite only a quarter admitting they would be “very or extremely concerned” if these were to break almost half of companies in the IT sector have insurance for easily…

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